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Banking Laws

The firm offers legal counsel in all aspects of the financial system, including banking law, securities law, credit organizations, and auxiliary activities, insurance and bonding law. We aim to provide a dynamic and flexible service permitting the constant adaptation to changing financial needs, so is always abreast of new Acts and rules. We are regularly involved in the recovery of loans (syndicated and others) and the enforcement of debt instruments. We also act in disputes and frauds relating to negotiable instruments. Our core areas in the spectrum of Banking Law are:

• Bank regulatory and compliance matters
• Banker’s Liability and Fraud Avoidance
• Creation of security interests such as mortgages, pledges, and guarantee trust
• Dishonor of Negotiable Instruments
• Drafting and Negotiation of Credit Contract
• Liens & Set Off
• Representation of Distress Business Entities before appropriate forum.
• Structure and documentation for secured and unsecured loans.
• Structured Financing
• Security Enforcement.
• Trusts

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